Learn2SWITCH is an EdTech company that produces a serious game focused on teaching employability skills and emotional regulation to 9th-12th graders. We provide a talent pipeline to four major industries: technology, oil & gas, aerospace, and healthcare. Our video game aims to teach our six core pillars of literacy, communication, adaptability, leadership, problem-solving, and professional etiquette by using a social emotional learning approach. We partner with school districts and companies to provide upskilling opportunities for our students while also addressing the talent gap in industries that require these essential skills.


What is a serious game?

A serious game is an “educational” application, whose initial intention is to combine, coherently and at the same time, serious aspects, in a non-exhaustive and non-exclusive way, teaching, learning, communication, and/or information with the fun aspects of video games”.

Source: Connected Healthcare for the Citizen, 2018