Learn2SWITCH™ helps school administrators and parents achieve positive outcomes in two major components of adolescent development: employability skills and mental health awareness. We are changing the lives of young adults by providing a gamified way of learning skills in Literacy, Communication, Adaptability, Problem Solving, Leadership, and Professional Etiquette, ultimately preparing them for the professional workforce. Here is a brief overview of the essential competencies learned by students when integrating our Pillar2Pillar™ curriculum into your classrooms.



Having a strong foundation is vital to success. Our Literacy Pillar, the first of six, provides students with the basic skills needed to cultivate creativity and critical thinking, promote personal development, and contribute positively to our society. We go beyond reading and writing by employing financial and technological literacy, resume-building, and time management programs into our video game that is designed to engage students at school or at home. By integrating these essential skills into our interactive platform, we empower students to become well-rounded individuals who can navigate the complexities of the modern world. With our Literacy Pillar, we aim to equip students with the tools they need for future success, ensuring they can thrive both academically and personally.


Communication is so much more than simply speaking. Active listening, identifying non-verbal cues, and understanding cultural differences all play an important role in message reception and delivery. Being able to communicate in professional settings facilitates team coordination and improves productivity. Additionally, effective communication fosters strong relationships, builds trust, and resolves conflicts efficiently. It is crucial for successful leadership, as it enables transparent and clear direction. Moreover, good communication skills enhance public speaking abilities and networking opportunities. In today’s digital age, mastering written communication through emails or messaging platforms is also essential for professional success. Ultimately, effective communication empowers individuals to express their ideas confidently and persuasively in any situation.


As businesses continue to evolve with advancements in technology and work processes, employees are faced with uncertainty more than ever. Being able to quickly adjust to changes while remaining calm under pressure is a critical skill that many employers value highly. Adaptable employees are more confident and less likely to experience stress. This begins with learning to adjust personal behaviors, thoughts, and emotional responses in the face of disruption. In both academic and professional settings, adaptability is crucial for success. It allows students to stay ahead of rapid changes, embrace new technologies and methodologies, and effectively collaborate in diverse settings. Adaptable professionals can navigate challenging situations with ease, making them valuable assets in high-pressure environments. Additionally, being open to learning and acquiring new skills enhances one’s employment opportunities and professional growth.


The Learn2SWITCH™ Problem-Solving Pillar teaches students healthy ways to identify and address conflicts. Social and mental health coping skills are developed as students progress through our program by learning to effectively identify problems, generate alternative solutions, make decisions, and implement plans. These skills are essential in academic and professional settings as they promote critical thinking and decision-making abilities, fostering a productive and collaborative working environment. Problem-solving skills enhance resilience, adaptability, and creativity in overcoming challenges that arise in both educational and career contexts. Mastering these skills equips students with the tools necessary to excel academically or professionally by efficiently resolving conflicts and finding innovative solutions.


Contrary to common belief, leadership is not about individuality. Rather, it is the process of influencing a group, team, or organization to reach a common goal. Using a game-based approach teaches students this process without the fear of failure. The Leadership Pillar focuses on important skill development such as giving and receiving feedback and leading by example versus being in charge. These skills help students learn to take initiative in preparation to becoming life-long learners. In professional settings, leadership plays a fundamental role in driving success and fostering collaboration among team members. By incorporating experiential learning methods like the Learn2SWITCH™ video game, academic institutions can effectively instill leadership qualities in students and prepare them for future career challenges. Ultimately, cultivating effective leadership skills enhances personal productivity and paves the way for advancement opportunities in both academic and professional environments.

Professional Etiquette

As students transition from adolescent to adulthood, it’s our responsibility to ensure that they are socially prepared for professional environments. Learn2SWITCH™ teaches teens situational awareness and how to build professional relationships while avoiding the pitfalls of technological distractions. Professional Etiquette helps students navigate through class, interviews, and networking events with confidence and professionalism. Mastering the art of effective communication, proper attire, punctuality, and respectful behavior can make a lasting impression on employers. By emphasizing the importance of professional etiquette in both academic and professional settings, we empower young adults to thrive in their future careers.