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At Learn2SWITCH, we believe in a full-student educational experience. This means that we not only focus on skill development, but also on our student’s mental health. As we continue to adjust to life after the Covid 19 pandemic, we are just beginning to see the psychological effects it’s taken on our youth. Stress, depression, and anxiety have increased drastically since the onset of the pandemic. Parents and teachers alike have noticed decreased ability to focus, increased irritability, and pessimistic thoughts about the future. These unresolved emotions can have a negative impact on academic, social, and employment development leading to noticeable skills gaps in young job seekers.

Learn2SWITCH™ solves this workforce skills-gap problem many recent graduates experience by addressing the problem while they are still in high school. We provide a serious game (link to About Us) that teaches employability skills and emotional regulation using social emotional learning. Our team of educational and technical experts developed a unique curriculum (link to Pillar2Pillar™ heading) that blends problem-based and learner-centered approaches designed to hold their attention, promote self-awareness, and teach employability skills. The game is centered around our six core pillars: literacy, communication, adaptability, leadership, problem-solving, and professional etiquette. Throughout gameplay, students not only learn essential employability skills, but also the emotional awareness and coping skills to deal with everyday life stressors. We also offer upskilling opportunities for our students by partnering with companies in the technology, oil & gas, aerospace, and healthcare industries.

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Every year over 33% of high school graduates choose to forego college and enter the workforce despite a lack of basic employability skills, such as adaptability and professional etiquette. 75% of companies use behavioral interview questions to assess soft skills while nearly 40% of employers agree that a lack of soft skills is the main reason for continued entry-level vacancies. This creates a vicious hiring cycle that neither side wants to be in.

Learn2SWITCH™ addresses this problem before students graduate from high school by providing a direct talent pipeline to technology, oil & gas, aerospace, and healthcare industries.Our serious game-based curriculum helps employers by:

Decreasing recruiting and onboarding expenses
Accelerating time-to-value of new hires
Boosting employee motivation and productivity


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