Learn 2 SWITCH

Who is Kenyan A. Smith?


Kenyan was a smart, fun-loving 8th grader who wore his heart on his sleeve. He enjoyed video games, music, anime, and spending time with his family. Often regarded as the brightest kid in the classroom (by teachers and peers alike), Kenyan aspired to attend Rice University just like his mom and even spent much of his free time helping her develop SWITCH. Kenyan was a great son, brother, friend, and student. He was a true diamond in the rough who never got his chance to shine. Unfortunately, Kenyan passed away suddenly just months before Learn2SWITCH™, Inc. became a reality. He would’ve been proud!

At Learn2SWITCH, we want our students to make informed decisions, whether they choose to attend college or start their career immediately. The Kenyan A. Smith Diamond Endowment fund was created in Kenyan’s memory to provide opportunities for students to attend the prestigious Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business as an MBA student. Often times high school students associate the word “college with a bachelors’ level education, but not beyond. This endowment affords students from non-traditional backgrounds the chance to dream bigger by planting seeds of advanced academics. All students participating in Learn2SWITCHprograms are automatically eligible for this scholarship and recipients will graduate from high school knowing that they have a direct path to earning an advanced degree.

Kenyan A. Smith Diamond Endowed Scholarship Donations

If you would like to donate to the Kenyan A. Smith Diamond Endowed Scholarship, please follow the steps below. You will be redirected to the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business philanthropic support page.

Option1 – Online Payment

Link: https://riceconnect.rice.edu/giving/rice-business

Step 1: Enter donation amount.

Step 2: Select “Other” on the Designation Field box.

Step 3: Enter fund number or name.

Fund Number: 122511

Fund Name: Kenyan A. Smith Diamond Endowed Scholarship

Option 2 – Mail a Check

Mail checks to Jody Summer at the following address:

Rice University

Jones Graduate School of Business

6100 Main St., Room 310 – MS 531

Houston, TX 77005

***If sending a check, please write fund number/scholarship name on the memo line.***