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Why is SWITCH capitalized?

Glad you asked! SWITCH is an acronym that stands for Sharing Wisdom to Inspire Talent, Confidence, and Hope™ and that’s precisely what we do! We help students become the best version of themselves by helping them identify their strengths and understand the different emotions they feel.

Learn2SWITCH™ is aligned to TEKS within the following courses:

• Technology Applications 
• Principles of Applied Engineering
• Career Preparation 
• College and Career Readiness
• ELAR – Middle School Speech
• Principles of Technology

Learn2SWITCH™ is based in Texas, but it is designed for students across the United States. If your are outside of Texas, you can still use our program. Please contact us directly to see how our software can enhance your student learning experience.

Learn2SWITCH™ enhances your current curriculum by embedding a layer of practical application to existing topics. It was designed to fit seamlessly into existing CTE curriculums. The skills outlined as objectives in courses are taken a step further inside Learn2SWITCH™ as students immerse themselves within the game application and take ownership and pride in reaching personal goals.

Yes! Even though our game is designed by educators for ease of use, we make sure that teachers and administrators are properly trained to understand the measurements provided by gameplay. 


Educators and parents have unique logins to track student progress and help identify areas that may need more in-person support.

Learn2SWITCH™ promotes a sense of achievement by providing students with Certificates of Completion for each skill acquired. The Local Education Agency (LEA) will determine how Learn2SWITCH™ is implemented and whether it is employed as ancillary material or as a component of required assignments.

Internships are provided by Business Partners and therefore are dependent on company needs. While we work hard to provide as many paid positions as possible, this is not always feasible. Transferable skill development and real-world experience is our primary goal.

We make sure our game is accessible to students with varying needs. We provide captions, character audio, and multiple other accessibility options for our students.

Once a SWITCH Kid, always a SWITCH Kid…no matter how old you are! We help our students with college and career assistance even after they have graduated to ensure that they are knowledgeable of all options available to them.

Learn2SWITCH™ is a modern role-player game (RPG) designed to enhance skill development and emotional regulation. 

Due to our digital therapeutic attributes, Learn2SWITCH™ is exploring avenues to become FDA approved in the future.

Due to our digital therapeutic attributes, Learn2SWITCH™ is exploring avenues to become FDA approved in the future.

Learn2SWITCH™ provides solutions based on district and school needs. We understand that districts and student populations vary in size, and we price accordingly. Please contact us for a direct quote.

Currently, Learn2SWITCH™ is available to public/private school districts and charter schools only. We are working on direct purchase options to enhance at-home learning.

We provide a direct talent pipeline into technology, oil & gas, aerospace, and healthcare companies. You can rest assured that our students will come in on day one knowing basic industry knowledge which decreases recruiting and onboarding expenses, accelerates the time-to-value of new hires, and boosts employee motivation and productivity. Partnering with us means that there are no bad habits for your interns to unlearn because they are starting at a younger age and can fit effortlessly into your company culture.

Please contact us directly to discuss your unique company needs. 

At the current time, we do not offer this option. As our company continues to grow, we do intend to provide training options to existing employees of our Business Partners.